Melanie Wood

As an eternal optimist, my joy for living infuses every painting with a vibrant, impressionistic style. Painting is the result of my lifelong journey into self-discovery and translating the delights I encounter, both commonplace and extraordinary, into a personal vision for others to enjoy. Working exclusively in oils, I strive to capture on canvas the energy and spontaneity that drive my love for each new day and fuel my imagination, whether it be violet haze over the Tennessee Smoky Mountains, the fields of Provence or courtyards of Sienna, poppies along a garden walk, or a red vase overflowing with sunflowers. I often incorporate abstract qualities throughout the paintings, invoking a dreamlike quality.

My paintings reflect my love of color and my life's work celebrating the emotion and importance of color in the world around us. When a viewer is looking at my paintings, my goal is to first capture that viewer by the combinations of color, light and texture that I gently infuse onto my canvases. Then I hope that this vibration will invite the viewer further into the painting itself, where the emotional connection might be made. The purpose of this connection is to offer comfort and satisfaction to the soul...both to me as the artist who offers it, and to the viewer who might take the moment to pause and look more closely. This practice is visual poetry for me. This is my work.

The University of Tennessee and the University of Houston prepared me for further studies at the Parsons School of Design and the Wagner Institute of Color. In workshops across Europe and the U.S., I learned from such artists as Karen Weihs, Ken Austen, Julyan Davis, Maddine Insalaco, Joe Vinson, Leslie DeMilklem, and Johnnie Lilledahl. Previously an interior designer and colorist, I served as president of the Color Marketing Group, the international association for color design professionals, as well as vice president of design for a leading home fashion manufacturer. I am now a full-time studio artist.

Professional Affiliations

  • Oil Painters of America
  • Impressionist Society of America
  • Women Painters of the Southeast
  • Knoxville Arts and Cultural Alliance